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04/01 Memoirs & Misinformation - The Movie
So cool! Jim Carrey's book will become a movie. Netflix has started the process, now delayed due to the Corona virus. According to what we know Netflix Executives got an advance copy of the book and after reading it, they were very interested in bring it to fiction. The plan was for a TV show but wi... Read article

03/30 Jim Carrey's Book Postponed To September
Well, we did see it coming and now is a certain. Jim Carrey's book Jim Carrey - Memoirs and Misinformation has been postponed to September 14th this year, at a time when hopefully the Covid-19 virus won't be as strong as it is now. We know how frustrating it may be but please keep in mind, we're ... Read article

03/28 Sonic the Hedgehog Bloopers Clip
One of the features from the Blu-ray and DVD of the movie "Sonic the Hedgehog", are the bloopers/gag reel. For those who don't know, these videos show us that no matter how professional you are, you can make mistakes and for you always love seeing these clips from our favorite movies and TV shows... Read article

03/25 Jim Carrey Beard Growth Project
With the majority of the world in quarantine at home to prevent more cases of Covid-19, most of the business have stopped and for the entertainment industry that just gave a new opportunity to create something new. Most people have been using the internet and social media, not only to stay connected... Read article

03/24 Jim Carrey Book Event Cancelled
As you know, the world is facing a fight of a life time with the Corona virus COVID-19. Most people are at home and all forms of entertainment outsider your house are postponed or cancelled. Some people who have bough tickets for Jim Carrey's book tour events, have received emails, letting them k... Read article

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03/23/2020  Special features for Sonic the Hedgehog on Blu-Ray May 19th
03/22/2020  Sonic Heads to Digital Early Before Blu-Ray Release
03/19/2020  Sonic the Hedgehog is biggest video game movie ever
03/13/2020  "Space Jam 2" May Feature The Mask
03/10/2020  Kidding Recap: S2E10 (The Puppet Dalai Lama)
03/10/2020  Kidding Recap: S2E9 (The Nightingale Pledge)
03/09/2020  James Marsden Signed for More Sonic Movies
03/07/2020  Still Chance For Tickets For Book Tour Events
03/03/2020  Kidding Recap: S2E8 (A Seat on the Rocket)
03/03/2020  Kidding Recap: S2E7 (The Acceptance Speech)
03/02/2020  Jim Carrey Gift to The Weeknd
03/01/2020  Sonic the Hedgehog Passes $250 Million At The Global Box Office
02/28/2020  Official Soundtrack for Sonic the Hedgehog
02/26/2020  Jim Carrey on tour supporting Memoirs and Misinformation
02/25/2020  Kidding Recap: S2E6 (The Death of Fil)
02/25/2020  Kidding Recap: S2E5 (Episode 3101)
02/24/2020  Sonic the Hedgehog - Post-Credits Teasing Scene
02/23/2020  Sonic the Hedgehog topped the box office for a second time
02/21/2020  Signed Jim Carrey Books
02/20/2020  Critics Love Kidding Season 2
02/19/2020  Jim Carrey's Sonic With Record $70M Opening!
02/18/2020  Jim Carrey at Lorraine
02/18/2020  Jim Carrey at Absolute Radio
02/17/2020  Kidding Recap: S2E4 (I Wonder What Grass Tastes Like)
02/17/2020  Kidding Recap: S2E3 (Im Listening)
02/16/2020  Jim Carey & Ben Schwartz Photoshoot
02/16/2020  Lights Out With David Spade
02/15/2020  The Kelly Clarkson Show
02/14/2020  Movie Review: Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)
02/14/2020  Sonic the Hedgehog In Theaters Now!
02/13/2020  Special Sonic Screening with Jim Carrey
02/13/2020  Conan
02/12/2020  Watch Jim Carrey Becoming Robotnik
02/12/2020  Jim Carrey at The Lights Out with David Spade Show
02/12/2020  Sonic's International Release Dates
02/11/2020  Kidding Recap: S2E2 (Up, Down, and Everything in Between)
02/11/2020  Kidding Recap: S2E1 (The Cleanest Liver in Columbus, Ohio)
02/10/2020  The Russell Howard Hour
02/10/2020  Jim Carrey May Play Dr. Seuss
02/09/2020  Jim Carrey at Conan next week
02/09/2020  "Kidding" - Season 2 Premieres Today
02/08/2020  Cast of Sonic at The Kelly Clarkson Show
02/07/2020  The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
02/06/2020  Second trailer for "Kidding" Season 2
02/05/2020  Good Morning America
02/05/2020  The Graham Norton Show
02/04/2020  Jim Carrey at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
02/03/2020  Jim Carrey on GMA tomorrow
02/02/2020  Sonic The Hedgehog - Big Game Spot
02/01/2020  Jim Carrey Opens up About Life in Parade

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