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12/11 Ace Ventura 3 Is A Possibility
You can blink as many times as you want… I guarantee you, you're reading correctly. Jim Carrey became known for Ace Ventura in 1994 when the movie hit the theatres and became a huge success. A year later he did the sequel "Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls". Jim was already known as a comedian but... Read article

12/10 Win A Trip To LA with Sonic the Hedgehog
After you read this article, you will be wishing you were Sonic so February 14th would get here faster! There's a special 12 Days of Sonic competition and the prize is a trip for you and a guest to L.A. to watch a special screening of "Sonic the Hedgehog"! You want to try? Just go the official... Read article

12/07 New Artistic Posters For Sonic The Hedgehog
After the release of the new trailer for "Sonic the Hedgehog", people are excited! The trailer showed the new look for our blue fast friend and the reviews have been very positive. Now, new posters have come up at Sonic stand the CCXP - Comic Con Experience - in Brazil that are very beautiful and... Read article

11/19 More Details about Jim's Novel 'Memoirs and Misinformation'
The countdown for Jim Carrey's biography novel has started! On May 5th, 2020, the hardcover book, eBook and audio book will be available in the U.S.A. retailers and on Amazon. The info of the official page for the editor tell us that the hardcover and eBook has 288 pages and the audio book has 54... Read article

11/18 It's Gary Shandling's Book
Judd Apatow is a known actor, writer and director. He worked with Jim Carrey on "The Cable Guy" and more recently in a documentary about comedian Garry Shandling, who both men, not only knew but were good friend of. Recently Judd wrote a book called "It's Gary Shandling's Book" which is "an intim... Read article

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11/12/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog Poster Spotlights Dr. Robotnik
11/12/2019  New Redesigned Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer
11/07/2019  New Sonic The Hedgehog Standee Online
10/29/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog New Look Standee
10/16/2019  First Look At Sonic The Hedgehog’s Official Movie Redesign
10/02/2019  Jim Carrey to Release Novel in May
09/19/2019  Kidding Season 2 Postponed to 2020
09/09/2019  Kidding Season 2 Done Filming
09/06/2019  Cole Allen Wrapped Filming of Kidding
08/26/2019  Video Clip from "This Light Never Goes Out" Exhibition
08/24/2019  Jim Carrey Spottet Filming Last Episode of Kidding
08/19/2019  Kidding Season 2 Almost done Filming
08/17/2019  Jim Carrey Talks About Meeting Ariana Grande
08/11/2019  Father son portrait on the set from Kidding
08/06/2019  Sonic The Hedgehog Statement About Jim Carrey
08/04/2019  Kidding at The TCA 2019 Summer Press Tour
08/02/2019  Trailer for Kidding Season 2 & Premiere Date
07/31/2019  Ariana Grande to Guest Star in Kidding!
07/29/2019  25th Anniversary of The Mask
07/26/2019  Eric Roberts & Mae Whitman Join Kidding Season 2
07/24/2019  Jim Carrey filming Aboard a WW2 Ship in LA
07/20/2019  Kidding celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing
07/19/2019  Kidding Season 2 Episode List
07/02/2019  Hollywood Reporter - Comedy Actors Roundtable (part 3/3)
07/02/2019  Hollywood Reporter - Comedy Actors Roundtable (part 2/3)
07/01/2019  Hollywood Reporter - Comedy Actors Roundtable (part 1/3)
06/27/2019  More of Jim Carrey's political cartoons
06/26/2019  Ariana Grande unveils new Jim Carrey inspired tattoo
06/21/2019  Exhibition Photos from 'This Light Never Goes Out'
06/20/2019  The Hollywood Reporter - Photos
06/19/2019  Comedy Actors Roundtable - Jim Carrey Clip
06/17/2019  Jim Carrey Interview by L.A. Times
06/05/2019  Jim Carrey Art Exhibition in Montreal
05/31/2019  Kidding Season 2 In Production
05/27/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog Delayed Until 2020
05/13/2019  Jim Carrey Mother's Day Tweet
05/05/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog movie to be redesigned
05/04/2019  4 New "Sonic the Hedgehog" Posters Online
05/03/2019  Kidding Emmy Consideration Panel - Video
05/02/2019  Kidding Emmy Consideration Panel – Photos
05/01/2019  Kidding – Live Panel On Instagram
04/30/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer featuring Jim Carrey
04/29/2019  First look at Jim Carrey as Robotnik
04/25/2019  True Hollywood Story with Jim Carrey (2008)
04/22/2019  Jim Carrey Reply to Ariana Grande
04/21/2019  Jim Carrey at the Marciano Foundation Event
04/19/2019  James Marsden Talks About Jim Carrey
04/06/2019  Jim Carrey won't bring back any old comedy characters
04/05/2019  Photos of Jim Carrey from CinemaCon
04/04/2019  Jim Carrey At CinemaCon

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