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08/22 North American Showtimes for "Jim & Andy" Documentary
There have not been much information about the Jim Carrey documentary about the amazing comedian Andy Kaufman and the movie that Jim Carrey did play him. Soon we will know more about it, it will have world premiere at Venice Film Festival in the beginning of September and today the showtimes for Tor... Read article

08/20 Jim Carrey Pay Tribute To Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis was one of the greatest! He was an actor, singer, comedian, along with many other things. Today he has become a new star in the sky. Jim Carrey was one of the many who pay tribute to the legend by tweeting: That fool was no dummy. Jerry Lewis was an undeniable genius an unfatho... Read article

08/20 Jim Carrey "Sunshine" Art Exhibition Update
Next month on September 23rd from 7-10PM Jim Carrey will host his second art exhibition, Sunshower, at Signature Galleries in Las Vegas. It was announched in the beginning of the month, read our news article about it here. Today, we have more details to share about the world premiere event. This ... Read article

08/19 New Jim Carrey Art - This One Is Broken
Jim never ceases to surprise us. We have mentioned before how amazing Jim Carrey's art is and if you don't want to take our word for it, just check out our Gallery to see it for yourself. Lately Jim Carrey has shared his opinion about the U.S.A. President through his own art, posting some paintin... Read article

08/18 Jim Carrey Reaches 16 Million Followers On Twitter
Yesterday Jim Carrey reached 16 million of followers on Twitter! Lot's of love and fans for an amazing human being and great artist. Speaking of Twitter Jim continues to voice his opinion about the U.S.A President in his tweets, adding some of his sketches to our amusement. Check out his lates... Read article

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08/16/2017  Jim & Andy - World Premiere Date
08/15/2017  Jim Carrey Artwork On Display
08/14/2017  I'm Dying up Here - Season 2 Depending On New Ideas
08/13/2017  I'm Dying Up Here - Season Finale
08/11/2017  Jim Carrey Online Reaches 100,000 Facebook Likes
08/09/2017  LeBron James Wants To Hang Out With Jim Carrey
08/08/2017  Jim Carrey Art Paintings
08/06/2017  Jim Carrey: I Need Color
08/05/2017  World Premiere Jim Carrey Sunshower Art Exibition
08/03/2017  Jim Carrey Recent Sightings
08/01/2017  New Jim Carrey - Andy Kaufman Documentary
07/29/2017  Jim Carrey Presented With The Generation Award
07/28/2017  "I'm Dying Up Here" Panel At Just For Laughs Festival
07/24/2017  The Bad Batch DVD & Blu-ray Release
07/17/2017  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute To Martin Landau
07/11/2017  Jim Carrey Honored At Just For Laughs Awards Show
07/02/2017  I'm Dying Up Here - Full Episodes On YouTube
06/28/2017  The Bad Batch at #4 on iTunes Movies Chart
06/27/2017  True Crimes To Be Released In 2018
06/26/2017  Box office for The Bad Batch
06/25/2017  The Bad Batch Music Video
06/23/2017  List of theaters for The Bad Batch
06/23/2017  The Bad Batch Is Now Playing In Theaters
06/18/2017  Official Website and New The Bad Batch Clip
06/17/2017  The Bad Batch Soundtrack
06/16/2017  Working on Garry Shandling Documentary
06/15/2017  The Bad Batch - How Jim Got The Role
06/14/2017  Jim Carrey At The Howard Stern Show
06/12/2017  Jim Carrey At Homeboy Industries
06/11/2017  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute To Adam West
06/09/2017  Jim Carrey At The BuddhaFest
06/08/2017  Jim Carrey Shaved His Beard
06/04/2017  I'm Dying Up Here: Pilot Episode Review
06/04/2017  Jim Carrey On Kathy Griffin
06/02/2017  Jim Carrey to attend "Just For Laughs" Festival
06/01/2017  Jim Carrey At The Premiere Of "I'm Dying Up Here"
05/31/2017  Jim Carrey Reply to Eminem
05/24/2017  The Late Late Show with James Corden
05/23/2017  Jimmy Kimmel Live!
05/21/2017  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute to Chris Cornell
05/21/2017  Jim Carrey the Most Bankable Canadian Actor
05/18/2017  Jim Carrey at the LA premiere of If You're Not In The Obit, Eat Breakfast
05/16/2017  Jim Carrey At The Late Late Show With James Corden
05/15/2017  Jim Carrey At Jimmy Kimmel Live
05/14/2017  Ace Ventura Soundtrack on Vinyl for the first time
05/10/2017  The Bad Batch - Official Poster
05/06/2017  I'm Dying Up Here New Promo
05/02/2017  The Bad Batch Special Screening
04/30/2017  Fake News About Jim Carrey Starring In Terence McKenna Movie
04/27/2017  The Bad Batch Characters Poster

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