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04/15 Keanu Reeves To Voice Shadow
In an unexpected yet thrilling casting announcement, Hollywood icon Keanu Reeves is set to lend his voice to the beloved character Shadow the Hedgehog in the highly anticipated movie "Sonic the Hedgehog 3". Reeves, known for his roles in blockbuster hits such as "The Matrix" trilogy, "John Wick" ser... Read article

04/11 Robotnik in "Sonic 3" Getting Game-Accurate Look
Even though we still haven't seen any photos, stills or even trailers from the third installment of the Sonic movie franchise, now there's more information about "Sonic The Hedgehog 3" movie. Paramount has shared the first footage of the movie at a CinemaCon panel and some media has seen it exclu... Read article

04/01 Jim Carrey Surprises with Debut Album: Comic Notes
In a move that has left fans both astonished and ecstatic, Jim Carrey has revealed plans to release his debut album titled "Comic Notes," showcasing his unexpected talent as a singer. The announcement marks a significant departure from Jim's comedic roots, as he ventures into the realm of music with... Read article

03/31 Sonic 3 Officially Wraps Production
There's nothing more for us to do but wait for the premiere of "Sonic The Hedgehog 3". Jeff Fowler has shared a photo saying that Sonic 3 has finished production! In a recent interview James Marsden also revealed he was done filming. But the best thing is that Fowler was wearing a t-shirt saying ... Read article

03/28 Knuckles Poster: New Sheriff In Town
With less than a month to go until Paramount+'s "Knuckles" series speeds onto our screens, the streaming service is sharing a poster that makes it pretty clear that Sonic isn't around – and there's a new sheriff in town. The series is set between the second & third "Sonic" movies, the six-episode se... Read article

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03/26/2024  Jeff Daniels Would Work With Jim Carrey Again
03/15/2024  Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Just Wrapped Filming
03/11/2024  Ariana Grande Talks About Jim Carrey
02/17/2024  Sonic 3 - Maria Robotnik Casted
02/09/2024  "Knuckles": Trailer, Poster & Release Date!
02/04/2024  Knuckles SuperBowl Ad
02/03/2024  Sonic 3 Logo and New Cast Members
02/02/2024  Jim Carrey confirmed for "Sonic 3"
01/25/2024  Robotnik returns in Sonic 3?
01/23/2024  Ariana Grande's new album is called "Eternal Sunshine"
01/21/2024  Episode Titles for Knuckles Series
01/19/2024  Photos from Jim Carrey's Birthday
01/17/2024  Happy Birthday Jim Carrey!
01/05/2024  Jim Carrey Celebrated His Birthday Early
12/31/2023  Happy New Year
12/29/2023  Best of 2023: Production of Sonic 3
12/27/2023  Best of 2023: Jim Attends a Soundbath Session
12/24/2023  Merry Christmas!
11/29/2023  Sonic 3 Reveals Exciting First Look at Shadow
11/23/2023  Jim Carrey Won't Play The Grinch Again
11/09/2023  The Actors Strike is Over
10/20/2023  Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Dates and Location
10/12/2023  Jim Carrey Was in New York For Soundbath
10/02/2023  Sonic 3 - Location Photos
09/11/2023  Jim Carrey Could Have Been in The Simpsons
08/09/2023  Sonic 3 Filming Delayed To September
08/03/2023  Sonic 3 - Pre Prodution Sets
07/14/2023  Possible Delay for Sonic 3
07/08/2023  Original "Batman Forever" Cut Was Screened, Runtime 158 Minutes
07/06/2023  The Truman Show Released in 4K Blu-Ray
07/01/2023  "Knuckles" Cast
06/28/2023  Nominated for Canadian Comedy Hall Of Fame
06/26/2023  Sonic 3 – Production Start Date
04/21/2023  Sonic LEGO Sets
04/18/2023  “Knuckles” Production Has Begun
04/09/2023  Sonic 3 - Ben Schwartz Talks About Jim Carrey Returning
04/01/2023  Jim Carrey Is Buying A Hockey Team
03/05/2023  Sonic 2 Wins 'Favourite Movie' At Kids' Choice Awards
02/28/2023  Sonic 2 Wins Movieguide Award
02/09/2023  Jim Carrey Deletes His Twitter Account
02/05/2023  Jim Carrey Sells His Brentwood Home
02/01/2023  Jim Carrey nominated for 3 Kids Choice Awards
01/28/2023  Memorable Moment: SNL Audition
01/17/2023  Happy 61st Birthday Jim Carrey
01/10/2023  Releases New Song Named "Jim Carrey"
12/31/2022  Happy New Year!
12/26/2022  Best of 2022: Sonic 2
12/24/2022  Merry Christmas!
12/23/2022  Best of 2022: NFT Auctions
12/20/2022  Best of 2022: Goodbye Twitter

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