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08/24 Jim Carrey Spottet Filming Last Episode of Kidding
Last Thursday, Jim Carrey was spotted filming "Kidding" In Los Angeles. He was wearing a puppet head modelled after his own character "Jeff Pickles", a grey button up vest, short white sleeve t-shirt, black tie, maroon pants, green socks and blue shoes and was followed around by a camera crew. Ch... Read article

08/19 Kidding Season 2 Almost done Filming
Season 2 of Showtime's TV show "Kidding" is almost done filming. They currently have filmed 8 of the 10 episodes and soon it will end. Some members of the cast has been posting some behind the scenes photos, mainly Cole Allen - who play Jim's son in the show. Recently, on Instagram, Cole posted a... Read article

08/17 Jim Carrey Talks About Meeting Ariana Grande
It's so beautiful to see artists enjoying each others work with respect and love. Ariana Grande is part of the big Jim Carrey fans family and recently she got to work with Jim on an episode for the second season of "Kidding". In a video interview for Associated Press, Jim talks about meeting h... Read article

08/11 Father son portrait on the set from Kidding
What's the best thing about social media? Easy. Do you remember a time when the only way to see behind the scenes photos was through VHS tapes and DVD's? Now, with social media you get to see it all the time. Actor Cole Allen plays Jim's twin sons of the TV show "Kidding" and recently he posted ... Read article

08/06 Sonic The Hedgehog Statement About Jim Carrey
In a recent interview about "Sonic the Hedgehog", Jim Carrey was asked about what were his thoughts on the redesign of the character and he said "he was uncomfortable about "the audience being in on the creation" of a feature while it was still in production. He also claimed that the "collective con... Read article

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08/04/2019  Kidding at The TCA 2019 Summer Press Tour
08/02/2019  Trailer for Kidding Season 2 & Premiere Date
07/31/2019  Ariana Grande to Guest Star in Kidding!
07/29/2019  25th Anniversary of The Mask
07/26/2019  Eric Roberts & Mae Whitman Join Kidding Season 2
07/24/2019  Jim Carrey filming Aboard a WW2 Ship in LA
07/20/2019  Kidding celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing
07/19/2019  Kidding Season 2 Episode List
07/02/2019  Hollywood Reporter - Comedy Actors Roundtable (part 3/3)
07/02/2019  Hollywood Reporter - Comedy Actors Roundtable (part 2/3)
07/01/2019  Hollywood Reporter - Comedy Actors Roundtable (part 1/3)
06/27/2019  More of Jim Carrey's political cartoons
06/26/2019  Ariana Grande unveils new Jim Carrey inspired tattoo
06/21/2019  Exhibition Photos from 'This Light Never Goes Out'
06/20/2019  The Hollywood Reporter - Photos
06/19/2019  Comedy Actors Roundtable - Jim Carrey Clip
06/17/2019  Jim Carrey Interview by L.A. Times
06/05/2019  Jim Carrey Art Exhibition in Montreal
05/31/2019  Kidding Season 2 In Production
05/27/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog Delayed Until 2020
05/13/2019  Jim Carrey Mother's Day Tweet
05/05/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog movie to be redesigned
05/04/2019  4 New "Sonic the Hedgehog" Posters Online
05/03/2019  Kidding Emmy Consideration Panel - Video
05/02/2019  Kidding Emmy Consideration Panel Photos
05/01/2019  Kidding Live Panel On Instagram
04/30/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer featuring Jim Carrey
04/29/2019  First look at Jim Carrey as Robotnik
04/25/2019  True Hollywood Story with Jim Carrey (2008)
04/22/2019  Jim Carrey Reply to Ariana Grande
04/21/2019  Jim Carrey at the Marciano Foundation Event
04/19/2019  James Marsden Talks About Jim Carrey
04/06/2019  Jim Carrey won't bring back any old comedy characters
04/05/2019  Photos of Jim Carrey from CinemaCon
04/04/2019  Jim Carrey At CinemaCon
04/01/2019  Jim Carrey make Animation Series with South Park creators
03/28/2019  Kidding Official Merchandising Available
03/16/2019  Jim Carrey Tribute To New Zealand
03/05/2019  Sonic The Hedgehog First Look
03/03/2019  Jim Carrey Latest Cartoons
02/18/2019  Kidding In Pre-Production
02/14/2019  Kidding Available On iTunes
02/07/2019  Kidding Nominated for Golden Reel Awards
02/01/2019  Jim Carrey at The Vulture Festival (part 2)
01/31/2019  Jim Carrey at The Vulture Festival (part 1)
01/17/2019  Happy Birthday Jim Carrey
01/16/2019  Jim Carrey's Cartoons in new Exhibit
01/09/2019  Jim Carrey's Cartoon Contest Winner
01/07/2019  Jim Carrey Golden Globes Moment
01/07/2019  Help Jim Carrey to Finish His Donald Trump Cartoon

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