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06/26 Ariana Grande unveils new Jim Carrey inspired tattoo
It's no surprise that Jim Carrey has many fans but the most famous one is the singer Ariana Grande. She has shared her admiration and love towards Jim, many times and the latest caught Jim's attention. A cousin of Ariana shared a picture on her Instagram, later on reposted by the singer of her... Read article

06/21 Exhibition Photos from 'This Light Never Goes Out'
Yesterday, the Phi Centre in Montreal (Québec) had grand opening of Jim Carrey's new exhibition called "This Light Never Goes Out: Political Cartoons by Jim Carrey". You'll be able to see 50 of his works until September 1st. The official Facebook page for the gallery has shared some photos fr... Read article

06/20 The Hollywood Reporter - Photos
We couldn't possible tell you how much we like photoshoots. Is a beautiful art that captures beautiful moments of people. The Hollywood Reporter did a photoshoot with the actors from the Comedy Actors Cast Roundtable interview: Henry Winkler, Ted Danson, Don Cheadle, Sacha Baron Cohen, Timothy Si... Read article

06/19 Comedy Actors Roundtable - Jim Carrey Clip
Every year, the digital magazine The Hollywood Reporter gathers together actors from different shows and movies to a roundtable conversation. Yesterday they uploaded a video clip on YouTube from the Comedy Cast Roundtable discussion. One of the actors was our dear Jim Carrey. In it Jim is aske... Read article

06/17 Jim Carrey Interview by L.A. Times
The production of the Showtime TV Show "Kidding" has started and the Los Angeles Times took a trip to the set of the show to talk to Jim Carrey about his career and characters. With so many years of career in the business, Jim says he doesn't have to searching for roles: "I think roles find me an... Read article

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06/05/2019  Jim Carrey Art Exhibition in Montreal
05/31/2019  Kidding Season 2 In Production
05/27/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog Delayed Until 2020
05/13/2019  Jim Carrey Mother's Day Tweet
05/05/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog movie to be redesigned
05/04/2019  4 New "Sonic the Hedgehog" Posters Online
05/03/2019  Kidding Emmy Consideration Panel - Video
05/02/2019  Kidding Emmy Consideration Panel – Photos
05/01/2019  Kidding – Live Panel On Instagram
04/30/2019  Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer featuring Jim Carrey
04/29/2019  First look at Jim Carrey as Robotnik
04/25/2019  True Hollywood Story with Jim Carrey (2008)
04/22/2019  Jim Carrey Reply to Ariana Grande
04/21/2019  Jim Carrey at the Marciano Foundation Event
04/19/2019  James Marsden Talks About Jim Carrey
04/06/2019  Jim Carrey won't bring back any old comedy characters
04/05/2019  Photos of Jim Carrey from CinemaCon
04/04/2019  Jim Carrey At CinemaCon
04/01/2019  Jim Carrey make Animation Series with South Park creators
03/28/2019  Kidding Official Merchandising Available
03/16/2019  Jim Carrey Tribute To New Zealand
03/05/2019  Sonic The Hedgehog – First Look
03/03/2019  Jim Carrey Latest Cartoons
02/18/2019  Kidding In Pre-Production
02/14/2019  Kidding Available On iTunes
02/07/2019  Kidding Nominated for Golden Reel Awards
02/01/2019  Jim Carrey at The Vulture Festival (part 2)
01/31/2019  Jim Carrey at The Vulture Festival (part 1)
01/17/2019  Happy Birthday Jim Carrey
01/16/2019  Jim Carrey's Cartoons in new Exhibit
01/09/2019  Jim Carrey's Cartoon Contest Winner
01/07/2019  Jim Carrey Golden Globes Moment
01/07/2019  Help Jim Carrey to Finish His Donald Trump Cartoon
01/07/2019  Golden Globes - Red Carpet Photos
01/06/2019  Jim Carrey at Showtime's Golden Globe Nominees Celebration
01/05/2019  Video of Jim Carrey's speech from PSIFF Awards Gala
01/04/2019  Photos from PSIFF Awards Gala
01/03/2019  Jim Carrey Presenter at PSIFF Awards Gala tonight
01/02/2019  Sonic Fan Art Imagines Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik Look
12/31/2018  Happy New Year - 2019 Will Be A Blast
12/27/2018  Best of 2018: Kidding
12/23/2018  Merry Christmas!
12/18/2018  Best of 2018: Dark Crimes
12/16/2018  Sonic the Hedgehog's International Release Dates
12/15/2018  Best of 2018: I'm Dying Up Here
12/12/2018  Second poster for "Sonic the Hedgehog"
12/10/2018  First "Sonic the Hedgehog" Poster
12/09/2018  Best of 2018: IndigNation Art Exhibition
12/06/2018  Kidding is Nominated for Two Golden Globe Awards
12/05/2018  "Kidding" on DVD in January

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