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10/18 "Sonic" Movie Wraps Production
Yesterday, the production of Jim Carrey's upcoming live-action/CGI movie "Sonic" ended. It was announched by actor James Marsden who posted a picture about it. But the best part is that the picture is with our Jim Carrey. Take a look: Vis dette opslag på Instagram Jim and ... Read article

10/17 Kidding Recap: S1E6 (The Cookie)
We’ve just entered the second half of the first season with our heads up high now that the series Kidding has just been renewed for a second season. Unfortunately, the characters on the show don’t seem to be feeling the same way as this episode shows. Each character goes through some extra baggage t... Read article

10/16 The New Yorker Festival - Video Footage
A week ago we told you that Jim Carrey attended the New Yorker Festival and today we have a video to show which the official website of the festival shared. Jim is looking very handsome in a black jacket and brown pants and shoes and his haircut for the "Sonic" filming. In this part of the int... Read article

10/14 LA Times Interview - cartoons for exhibition
Later this month, between October 23 to December 1, you will be able to see 80 of Jim Carrey's cartoons displayed at the Maccarone Gallery. The exhibit is called "IndigNation" and will mark the first time his artwork is publicly showed. LA Times sat down with Jim for an interview in a suite at th... Read article

10/13 "How To Be A Puppeter" Video Featurette
Do you want to make a puppet? Do you want to bring to life a character you create yourself? You most definately can… but to teach you how to be a pupperter, Patrick Johnson, one of the puppeteers of the Showtime "Kidding", will teach you how… along with Sy, the big wide eyed Fly. After all you ... Read article

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10/11/2018  "Kidding" Renewed For Season 2
10/10/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E5 (The New You)
10/09/2018  Jim Carrey On The 2018 New Yorker Festival
10/08/2018  Jim Carrey Getting the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award
10/07/2018  Jim Carrey At The 2018 New Yorker Festival
10/05/2018  Jim Carrey Skylife Magazine Interview
10/02/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E4 (Bye, Mom)
10/01/2018  "Kidding" creator wrote the show for Jim Carrey in secret
09/30/2018  "I'm Dying Up Here" Canceled At Showtime
09/29/2018  "Aleister Arcane" can be the next Jim Carrey movie
09/27/2018  Jim Carrey 'IndigNation' Art Exhibition
09/25/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E3 (Every Pain Needs a Name)
09/24/2018  Meet The Pickles Featurette
09/23/2018  Kidding A Show Within A Show
09/22/2018  New Kidding Featurette - Breaking The Norm
09/20/2018  Lee Majdoub joins Sonic movie
09/19/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E2 (Pusillanimous)
09/18/2018  Updated: First look of Jim Carrey in "Sonic"
09/16/2018  Behind Jim Carrey's Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time
09/15/2018  Schedule Change for "Sonic"
09/13/2018  USA Today Photoshoot
09/12/2018  "Kidding" premiere episode reached 1 million viewers
09/12/2018  Jim Carrey's Political Cartoons in Art Exhibition
09/12/2018  Kidding Recap: S1E1 (Green Means Go)
09/10/2018  Jim Carrey at the Emmys last night
09/09/2018  "Kidding" Premiere Today
09/09/2018  Watch Jim Carrey on Real Time with Bill Maher
09/08/2018  Watch Full Jim Carrey Interview - Jimmy Kimmel Live!
09/07/2018  Jim Carrey Featured in New York Times With Photos
09/07/2018  Jim Carrey Says He Is Ready For An "In Living Color" Revival
09/06/2018  Kidding World Premiere
09/06/2018  Kidding - Press Conference
09/05/2018  Jim Carrey At Real Time With Bill Maher
09/04/2018  Jim Carrey at The New Yorker Festival
09/03/2018  Kidding World Premiere
09/02/2018  Jim Carrey At Jimmy Kimmel Live
09/01/2018  "Sonic" is Coming Sooner than Expected
08/31/2018  Kidding - First Episode Available in USA
08/30/2018  Kidding Reviews
08/29/2018  Kidding Billboards
08/25/2018  "Kidding" Photoshoot with Jim Carrey
08/22/2018  "Bruce Almighty" Coming To Netflix
08/21/2018  Ayla - A sculpture by Jim Carrey
08/19/2018  "Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond" Emmy Nomination
08/18/2018  The Hollywood Reporter Video Clip
08/17/2018  Jim Carrey on His Political Artwork & "Kidding" on ExtraTV
08/16/2018  Jim Carrey Pays Tribute to Aretha Franklin
08/16/2018  Jim Carrey Shows New Haircut For "Sonic" Movie
08/15/2018  Jim Carrey Photoshoot by THR
08/15/2018  Jim Carrey featured in The Hollywood Reporter

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