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Sonic 3
Category: Movie
Status: In Development
Release: December 20, 2024
More info: Coming soon

01/17/23  Happy Birthday Jim...
12/20/24  Sonic the Hedgehog...
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Twitter Jim Carrey's most recent tweet 07/30 03:33 more tweets »
As cute as a button...and with hair like Ace's that little baby is goin' places.... »

Latest News

22 Nov 2022
  Bruce Almighty Sequel That Never Happend

Next year will mark the 20 years anniversary of the premiere of "Bruce Almighty". The movie starred Jim Carrey; a guy who gets the chance to have the powers of God and ends up lear...
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20 Nov 2022
  Kevin Lynch Photoshoot with Jim Carrey

We always love to find new treasures lost in time and thanks to the internet, they tend to surface again. In 2004 Jim Carrey did a photoshoot with photographer Kevin Lynch, who re...
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16 Nov 2022
  Jim Carrey cartoon: When you Cruz you LOSE

With the U.S.A. midterms election results still going and with the recent announcement of Trump as a candidate for the presidency again, the political landscape in America hasn't b...
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16 Nov 2022
  Jim Carrey Responds To Being Banned

Well, we did warn you there would be a response and although we were wrong about the cartoon, we weren't wrong about laughing. Margaret Atwood is a Canadian poet and writer and ...
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