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Jim & Andy
Category: Documentary
Status: Finished
Release: Fall 2017
More info: Movie Area

True Crimes
Category: Movie
Status: Finished
Release: Early 2018
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I'm Dying Up Here
Category: Series
Status: In Development
Release: 2018
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Aleister Arcane
Category: Movie
Status: In Development
Release: TBA
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08/13/17  I'm Dying Up Here....
09/05/17  Jim & Andy: The Gr...
09/19/17  The Bad Batch Blu-...
09/23/17  Sunshower. Jim Car...
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That fool was no dummy. Jerry Lewis was an undeniable genius an unfathomable ble... »

Latest News

20 Aug 2017
  Jim Carrey Pay Tribute To Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis was one of the greatest! He was an actor, singer, comedian, along with many other things. Today he has become a new star in the sky. Jim Carrey was one of the ma...
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20 Aug 2017
  Jim Carrey "Sunshine" Art Exhibition Update

Next month on September 23rd from 7-10PM Jim Carrey will host his second art exhibition, Sunshower, at Signature Galleries in Las Vegas. It was announched in the beginning of the m...
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19 Aug 2017
  New Jim Carrey Art - This One Is Broken

Jim never ceases to surprise us. We have mentioned before how amazing Jim Carrey's art is and if you don't want to take our word for it, just check out our Gallery to see it for yo...
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18 Aug 2017
  Jim Carrey Reaches 16 Million Followers On Twitter

Yesterday Jim Carrey reached 16 million of followers on Twitter! Lot's of love and fans for an amazing human being and great artist. Speaking of Twitter Jim continues to voice h...
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               Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey at Just For Laughs 2017
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