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News, Trailers, Credits,
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06/23/17  The Bad Batch Soun...
06/23/17  The Bad Batch open...
06/25/17  I'm Dying Up Here....
07/09/17  I'm Dying Up Here....
07/11/17  The Bad Batch at T...
07/16/17  I'm Dying Up Here....
07/23/17  I'm Dying Up Here....
07/27/17  Just For Laughs. A...
07/30/17  I'm Dying Up Here....
08/06/17  I'm Dying Up Here....
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EAST COAST! You have 5 minutes until @SHO_DyingUpHere WEST COAST! You still have... »

Latest News

28 Jun 2017
  The Bad Batch at #4 on iTunes Movies Chart

Associated Press has posted the iTunes Movies US charts for week ending June 25, 2017. At the list for Independent Films is Jim Carrey's "The Bad Batch" at number 4. Watch it in th...
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27 Jun 2017
  True Crimes To Be Released In 2018

The wait is what will kill a fanů but then again if you can't wait maybe being a fan isn't for you. In November of 2015 the production of the movie "True Crimes" started and to thi...
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26 Jun 2017
  Box office for The Bad Batch

The official numbers for the opening weekend for Jim Carrey's new movie "The Bad Batch" are online. The distributor Neon debuted "The Bad Batch" into 30 theaters. It earned $8...
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25 Jun 2017
  The Bad Batch Music Video

A movie without music, isn't a complete movie. In a recent article we wrote about the official soundtrack for "The Bad Batch". A music video for the song "All The Colour Of The ...
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