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"Failure taught me that failure isn't the end unless you give up!" - Jim Carrey

And as Joe E. Brown once said, "Nobody's perfect." There are several continuity errors within Jim Carrey's filmography and here you'll find a list of them. If you think we've bloopped in some of the bloopers, or have new ones to add, just drop us a line.

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Picture from The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - Right before Steve Gray gets his cheekbone broken, he moves his tongue and grabs his nose mockingly. From the side angle he is not grabbing his nose.

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Mr. Popper's Penguins

Picture from Mr. Popper's Penguins - A letter from Popper's father falls unnoticed beneath a cabinet. For several days the room is covered with snow to accommodate the penguins. After the snow is removed, Popper discovers the letter but the envelope is not damp, waterlogged or damaged in any way.

- Tom Popper looks to be wearing a hearing aid about ten minutes before the movie ends when the cops come to take the penguins back after the zoo scene.

- At the Guggenheim Museum, the penguins bump into a man pushing a barrel of ice and the barrel overturns. The penguins immediately begin sliding on the wet floor, but all the ice has vanished and instead there is only water on the floor. In addition, the water covers several hundred feet of the floor, far more than what a barrelful would cover.

I Love You Phillip Morris

Picture from I Love You Phillip Morris - At the hour mark Steven receives a printed template for a bail application which is headed "Bail Assignement". Clearly the title has been misspelled with an extra 'e' in assignment. However, 25 seconds or so later, the same piece of paper finds it way to a legal office for processing with the correct spelling "Bail Assignment".

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A Christmas Carol

Picture from A Christmas Carol - During the scene when Scrooge is sitting in his armchair by the fire, the animation of the fire is badly looped and you can see it flickering as it finishes a cycle.

- At the beginning Scrooge Ebeneezer is seen signing Jacob Marley's death certificate in the year 1836. English Birth, Marriage & Death certificates didn't come into being until 1837.

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Yes Man

Picture from Yes Man - Near the beginning of the film, Carl's car runs out of gas and as he is walking into the gas station, we can see the sign, including the gas prices. They are all around 5 dollars and 30 cents a gallon. However, later, when the girl arrives, a closer shot near the pump shows the price of gas to be 3 dollars and 30 cents a gallon.

- When Carl Allen is driving the scooter, he starts to swerve out of his lane until a car just off-screen honks at him. The lighting was such that the off-screen car should have cast a shadow into Carl's lane.

- When Carl gets on Lee's Ducati and revs the engine, the sound heard is from an inline four cylinder engine, not a 1100cc L-twin Ducati Hypermotard.

- After Norm, Carl, Allison and others finish watching Philosopher's Stone at the Potter party, it is about 8:00 pm (you can tell by the window behind them). But 2 hours and 40 minutes later they finish watching Chamber of Secrets and we see the window again. It still looks to be 8:00 pm, but it should be almost 11:00 pm.

- After walking out of the yes seminar, a homeless guy asks for a ride to a park. As he is getting into the car, the door is slightly open. When it cuts to the next shot of the man asking to borrow Carl's phone, the door is suddenly wide open without anyone opening it.

- When Carl is in Blockbuster at the beginning of the movie, he picks up "300" with his right hand and keeps walking. When he looks at "Transformers", he is still holding "300" in his right hand, but then the camera zooms in on him picking up "Transformers" with his right hand and "300" is nowhere to be seen.
(from Anonymous)

Horton Hears a Who!

Picture from Horton Hears a Who! - At breakfast when it's Jojo's turn with his dad, twelve seconds start on the clock, but when the mayor starts showing Jojo all the perks about being mayor, the clock goes back to twelve seconds left when it should only be at five seconds left.
(from Jane M.)

- In the scene where the Mayor is talking to Dr. LaRue, there is a rack of test tubes on the counter top. The position of the test tubes changes multiple times during this scene. This can be especially noticed after the Mayor spills the chemical and it eats away a big hole in the counter top, if you compare the position of the test tubes with the hole between different shots.

- In the scene with Sally and JoJo standing in town square, at the beginning of the scene JoJo is as tall as his mother's first stripe. After Ned comes, JoJo is shorter, as tall as his mother's last stripe.

The Number 23

Picture from The Number 23 - In the scene where Walter is imagining himself killing his wife, the bed sheets change from silver to red momentarily after he wakes up.

- Right after Walter has the nightmare about killing his wife, he wakes up and turns around to see the alarm clock show 11:12. The clock makes a flipping sound when it switches to the next minute, just like those alarm clocks from the 1980s that have those little numbered plastic cards inside. However, it's a digital alarm clock and they do not make such sounds.

- Walter Sparrow claims that the serial killer Ted Bundy died on January 23. Ted Bundy was actually executed on January 24, 1989.
(from Anonymous)

- When Walter uncovers the skull in the makeshift grave, he and his son immediately leave and call 911 on an emergency street phone, only to find the skeleton is gone when they return with the police. In less than 30 minutes, the entire unarticulated skeleton (all 206 bones) has been completely dug up and removed by another person. The bones were not lying in light, loose soil, but had been embedded in tightly compacted dirt for years. Nearly every piece would have to be individually extracted with a tool, which would take hours, not minutes.

Fun With Dick and Jane

Picture from Fun With Dick and Jane - When Alec Baldwin writes the check, the date is different when he hands it to Jim Carrey.

- When Dick robs the store, a sign on the cash register reads "You must be born after this date in 1983 to buy beer." Since the legal drinking age is 21, that would mean the movie is set in 2004. However, the film states that the year is 2000.

- When we see Jane spotting her friends you can see a Nissan Xterra. But the one shown is a 2003-2004 model, but this movie takes place in 2000.

- When Dick is robbing the first convenient store, the clerk changes from the guy sitting reading the magazine to the big guy. Yet when he is seen running out of the store the guy reading the magazine is back behind the counter, still reading his magazine.

- While Dick is in the Champion's Club, he is up on the table, acting like a puppet. He knocks the pepper shaker off the table with his foot. After the camera switches shots, it returns to Dick, who knocks the shaker off the table again.

- When Dick and Jane go through the puddle after robbing the store with the black lights in them, it shows an exterior shot of Dick with his hood up. In the immediate interior shot, his hood is back down.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Picture from Lemony Snicket - In the scene where Violet, Klaus, Sunny and Aunt Josephine are being attacked in the boat by the Lachrymose leeches, you can see Violet has her hair down. When Count Olaf pulls up to them in his boat, Violet has her hair tied back with her ribbon.
(from Anonymous)

- Olaf and Violet's marriage certificate bursts into flames after the light from the magnifying glass hits it. The papers would not burst into flames, despite the size of his magnifying glass, it should have just burned a hole. Obviously done to be dramatic.
(from Anonymous)

- In the scene where Count Olaf starts walking from the balcony to the stairs, you can see his right hand when he is saying "lovely home" with no writing. Later when he looks at his hand to remember Violet's name, his hand has writing on it.

- When Stephano first arrives it is fairly dark outside. But when Stephano runs back into the Reptile Room and says he really looked forward to the milking it is fairly light through the window.

- When Count Olaf grabs Klaus' face, he holds his head with both hands. When it cuts, he's suddenly let go of Klaus' head with his right hand.

- After the death of Uncle Monty, Stephano says "I do feel somewhat responsible for this tragedy". At the same time you can see a policeman carrying a box passing Violet in the background. When it cuts he passes her again.

- When Olaf and his acting troupe are gathered and he sits down and says "Now who shall play the most handsome count in the world?", he has his hands folded resting them on his left armrest. When it cuts both hands rests on each armrest.

- When Count Olaf and the Baudelaires are driving home from court, Olaf says "Children, I've been contemplating our situation." while looking at the kids in the mirror. It cuts as he says "situation" but now he is suddenly looking straight forward at the road.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Picture from Eternal Sunshine - When Joel first meets Clementine on the beach, the close up shot of her shows her feet in the water. In the next shot near Joel, seeing her in the distance, the sea is much lower down and the sand isn't wet.
(from Peter Storm)

- When Joel awakes he looks at his dented car. When he walks in between the cars to look at the back of his own car, you can see the reflection of a boom mic being poked round to pick up his footsteps.
(from Anonymous)

- While in Joel's memories there is a scene when Clem surprises Joel with her new hair color and that's when Joel starts calling her "tangerine". Since the memories are going backwards up to the time when they first met, Clem's hair is still orange when it should be a different color since she doesn't change it until later on.

- Just before Joel walks in to see himself in the chair for the first time, he has a digital blood pressure monitor velcro'ed to his arm. Before he walks into the other room, the end of the strap is on the side of his arm facing away from his body. When the doctor takes it off, he has to reach around to the back of his arm to grab the strap.

- When Joel gets out of bed at the beginning, he flips back the corner when sitting up. In the next shot, he kicks off the comforter, but the corner is back over him again.

Bruce Almighty

Picture from Bruce Almighty - When Jim and Jennifer are in the kitchen and Jennifer is commenting on how she thinks her boobs have gotten bigger, Jim is squirting ketchup onto his plate. When he first does this the ketchup goes everywhere all over his plate, cuts to Jennifer and then back to Jim and the ketchup is now in a nice neat pile.
(from StevenZ)

- When Bruce talks to his boss, after the boss buys a sandwich, Bruce's shirt collar is tucked under his jacket. However, in the next shot the collar is straight.
(from StevenZ)

- When Bruce is in the rain with the blue shirt, you can see his microphone under his shirt about 6 inches below his neck.
(from StevenZ)

- When Bruce plays the finger game with God and puts his hands behind his back his shirt keeps hanging loose, except for one shot where it looks as if he had pulled it back with his right hand.
(from StevenZ)

- Right before Bruce changes into the cloud shirt and black pants from the store, the people in the background disappear.

- When Bruce tries to keep Grace's perky picture out of her reach he holds the picture up over his head. When the camera angle changes the hand with the picture is on his chest.

- Early in the film, Bruce is watching TV during a sports segment. He is watching Channel 7, the station he works for. This clip they showed was of actual WKBW sports director John Murphy. The clip they showed was taken directly from a real WKBW newscast, with the authentic news set, and graphics. However, when they show a clip of Ch. 7 News later, there are completely different graphics, and a completely different news set, both made for the movie.

The Majestic

Picture from The Majestic - After Jim Carrey crashes the car on the bridge and, we see in the long shots that the lamp on the half-broken post above him is swinging from side to side. However each time we cut to a closeup of Carrey's face, it is lit very evenly - although the only source of light nearby is swinging wildly.
(from StevenZ)

- If you look carefully you will see that all the cars have license plates with 7 characters on the plates. California did not introduce license plates with 7 characters until the early 1980's.
(from Anonymous)

- In the very end, when Peter is returning to town, as the train rounds the bend you can see much newer style electrical transformers on the power poles. If you look close you can see a modern style street lamp also.

- The film is set in 1951 but Peter and Adele have their first dance to the tune "Stranger On The Shore" which was first released in 1961.

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Picture from The Grinch - In the post office, when the Grinch is mixing up the packages, one of them falls on the ground and in the next shot, it's gone.
(from Andrea Dion)

- After the Grinch stole all of the presents, Officer Wholihan gets into his police car and drags the mayor's bed from out of his house. When the bed smashes through the window it breaks the top off the middle post of the bed. Then when it comes back to the shot of the bed it's been fixed.
(from StevenZ)

- As the Grinch and Max stand by the 'Dumpit to Crumpit' pipe, Max is missing his collar. It's back on him after they arrive at the dump.

- In the scene where the Grinch is accepting the Holiday Cheermiester award, Jim Carrey holds up his hand and his palm is facing the camera and you can see the piece of his suit has been slipped over his thumb to make it green and furry.

- After the Grinch unscrews the light bulb in the town Christmas tree, all the lights in the town go dark and the Grinch starts to take off in his sled-thing. When they show a close up of him, the lights are on. Then a few seconds later, the lights are off again.

- When the Grinch burns the christmas tree, in an overhead shot he isn't anywhere in sight, then in the following closeup he's back beside the ashes of the tree.

- In the post office scene, when Cindy is talking to her dad, you can see post box marked "Grinch" and it has nothing in it. Later you are shown a close-up of the Grinch mailbox and it has spider webs in it.

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