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Memoirs and Misinformation cover
Memoirs and Misinformation
Category: Novel (printed)
Release: 05/05/2020
More info: News article

02/11/20  Conan. Guest
02/11/20  Lorraine. Guest
02/12/20  Sonic the Hedgehog...
02/13/20  Absolute Radio. Gu...
02/13/20  Lights Out with Da...
02/14/20  Sonic the Hedgehog...
02/14/20  The Kelly Clarkson...
02/16/20  Kidding. Episode 1...
02/16/20  Kidding. Episode 1...
02/23/20  Kidding. Episode 1...
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Latest News

19 Feb 2020
  Jim Carrey's Sonic With Record $70M Opening!

"Sonic the Hedgehog" with Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik hit astonishing $70 million in the four day President Weekend and $58 million in the 3 day weekend from 4,167 theaters, accordi...
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18 Feb 2020
  Jim Carrey at Lorraine

Whilst Jim was in London, he did a lot of interviews promoting "Sonic the Hedgehog". One of them was Lorraine. A breakfast programme on British television network ITV The start ...
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18 Feb 2020
  Jim Carrey at Absolute Radio

One more great interview when Jim Carrey was in England to promote "Sonic the Hedgehog". Jim Carrey did an interview for Absolute Radio, where all the questions came from a bingo l...
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17 Feb 2020
  Kidding Recap: S2E4 (I Wonder What Grass Tastes Like)

The next episode finally deals with the repercussions of the previous season in full force. Not only that, it signals what will come in the rest of the season. The episode begin...
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