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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Picture from Ace Ventura - In the scene when Snowflake is being stolen from his tank, Einhorn/Ray Finkle's ring is on the his middle finger, but when he reaches into the water it is on his ring finger.
(from Mr. Shickadance and Robin)

- Another one that I found was in the scene when Ace is in the closet going through Ray Finkle's box. He throws the bubble wrap onto the floor by the other boxes, but the next time we see it it is in the middle of the floor. It moves one more time to the side again the next time we see it.
(from Mr. Shickadance)

- In "Ace Ventura: Pet detective", when Ace comes into the hall dressed as a HDS delivery man he starts playing soccer with it. After that you can see the box is open at the top. When he's at the door, he carries the box, and you can see that someone has put new tape on it to close it again.
(from The Weird Dutch Girl Svenja)

- In "Ace Ventura", Roger Podacter's stationary has the date 1/17. Now I thought that Superbowl Sunday was at the end of the month and the date happens to be JC's birthday!
(from Brian Hebert)

- When Ace calls for all of the animals to come out in his apartment, the penguins come out of the refrigerator. When they show the penguins coming out again, the door is different.
(from Richard Beardsley)

- Lt. Einhorn doesn't have the ring when she falls into the water.

- The box in the closet in which Ace wants to hide himself changes a lot of times.

- Ace dressed as HDS delivery guy places the package on the floor. He has the box in his hands again when the door opens.

- The position of the toy dog in relation to the door is not right.

- At the end, when Ace embraces Melissa, the position of his arms changes.

Dirty Harry: The Dead Pool

Picture from The Dead Pool - Johnny Square wears the bracelet on his right arm, but in the caravan he suddenly wears it on the left arm.

- Johnny's arm has no pricks when he sets the syringe up, but the arm shows some pricks after he's dead.

- In the radio control car chase scenes over the humpy streets, camera equipment is visible in the rear seat area of the lead car.

- After Rook kills the cameraman and goes after the reporter, when she is sitting in his chair, you see that his knife is now clean.

Earth Girls are Easy

Picture from Earth Girls Are Easy - Wiploc and Zeebo are watching the women doing aerobics on their T.V. in space. Zeebo says something, and in the sub-titles, it says "Wipoc" instead of "Wiploc". Where did the L go??
(from Lindsay McKay)

- When Candy and Valerie are deciding on a new look for Valerie, Candy stands up and turns around. There is a tattoo on her right shoulder. Now, when Candy sings "Cuz I'm a Blond", and she goes up to the platform, her tattoo is gone. It's disappeared from her shoulder.
(from Lindsay McKay)

- In "Earth Girls Are Easy", when Wiploc and Zebo are on the freeway, Zebo has his visor on, then in the next shot of Zebo, it's gone. Then in the next shot of him, it's back on again.
(from Jeff Kelch)

- In the parking lot of the Hospital (when they get in Ted's car) Wiploc gets in first but when they get out, it show's Zeebo getting out last.
(from Jbirzer)

- Wiploc drives Woody's car, and suddenly when he brakes hard and some stuff falls out of the car, Zebo is on the steering wheel. Sometime later Wiploc is on the steering wheel again.

- In the disco: Wiploc finishes some ice cubes in his glass, and Candy comes and grabs him in his face. When she pushes him back, her hand is on his shoulder.

Once Bitten

Picture from Once Bitten - In the scene where Mark first meets the Countess and they are sitting at the bar, there is a shot of two girls in the background. In one shot the second girl walks away and then again in another shot the same girl walks away again.
(from StevenZ)

- Near the end when the vampires are trying to get into the crypt and Mark has locked them out, we see two vampires trying to enter the room through one door and others going around to get in through the other entrance. When they get in, the vampires have reversed which entrance they were trying to use - the ones who stayed at the first door enter through the second door and vice versa.

- When Mark enters the church and goes into the confessional, he enters the confessional booth on the right hand side of the priest, meaning the grate between booths would be on his left. But, when the shot goes to the interior of the booth, the grate is on his right.

Copper Mountain

Picture from Copper Mountain - In the rapid downhill drive of Bobby, you can see in the back that his trousers are torn.

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