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Hollywood Reporter - Comedy Actors Roundtable (part 3/3)
02 Jul 2019    

By Eva Ara˙jo (Web correspondent)

Here is the last part of The Hollywood Reporter uncensored Comedy Actors Roundtable.

How he knew he made in Hollywood:
"A lot of times it's the people you meet, the people you get to, you get to hang with. I mean, you know, I grew up with Dick Van Dyke and I was a complete lunatic for Dick Van Dyke, and I've been able to meet Dick Van Dyke and he wants to hang out and, them saying that they love what you do is really meaningful. I just drew him a cartoon that I sent to him, of RCA television from 1969, black and white version of the opening credits, for the Dick Van Dyke show where he trips over the Ottoman and I did a cartoon of myself tripping over the Ottoman in front of the television. I'm still doing his stuff. Oh, by the way, sonic is coming out and I've got moves in there. I can't wait for him to see. And those are the types of things that, that it keep happening to me. I'm constantly being reminded, oh, I made it. Oh my gosh, that's wonderful. And the, the first time I think in living color was a huge thing for me. And it was like they planted me, you know, my seedlings in the garden. And I had a chance to bloom on that show, so I got a taste of it there. And uh, that time in Chicago when Siskel and Ebert hated my movie and then Friday happened and it was a giant hit. And, the hotel staff where I was staying, put a dog bowl in my room with candies in it. Did it! Never going to be the same?"

In this conversation we got to know that Jim loved the movie "Borat" done by Sasha Baron Cohen:
"You killed it, man! Amazing! I love that movie so much. And I love you, I love your approach to uncomfortable people and subjects and the way you just lay bare the people who are supposed to be in control in art and I love it."

And Sasha loves Jim too and told the story about the first time he met him:
"There were a lot of moments. I mean connecting with this table, I used to a character called Ali G. I was shooting in L.A and then I met Jimmy Miller who was Jim's manager and he said, Jim loves your stuff. He wants you to come over to his house. That time in England, there was an assumption that no one would ever get to Hollywood. You know, it had been 30 years since sellers or 25 years since Python, that there was just an assumption that English comedy will never travel across the pond. And I remember the next night I turned up at Jim's house, I was invited and he opened the door. And you know, the biggest movie star in the world and obviously brilliantly talented and hilarious. And he knew what I was doing. And my other hero was there, Gary Shandling, who unfortunately passed away. I couldn't believe that I was there. And I was completely terrified. Cause I remember Jim and Gary started making jokes. And at one point you made a joke, you won't remember any of this really funny joke. You were like this, and I thought, oh my God, at some point they're going to expect me to make it too. That was an amazing moment for this guy, growing up in a suburb of London who never thought, you know, I thought I was going to be a, you know, a lawyer or something like that. I never thought I could actually get a career out of being funny.

Jim immediately reply:
"I had two choices with you. Admiration or jealousy. And I chose admiration.
When a new voice comes along and you've been the voice, right? Yeah. And, and you go, Ooh, there's a part of you that goes, wow, eh, you know, have you lost your place? Or something like that. But it wasn't that. I've always tried to make the choice of like, what's this person doing that is making me uncomfortable and laugh my ass off. And it's admiration and it's the only way to go."

Check out the full video here:

So good!

This kind of conversation are so interesting we want to see more and we thank Hollywood Reporter for making them happen.

We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come.

-- Source: The Hollywood Reporter. Click to comment this article.

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