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The Late Late Show with James Corden
24 May 2017    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

In the previous article we told you about Jim's interview at the Jimmy Kimmel Live, to promote the TV show "I'm Dying Up Here".

Today, Jim Carrey was joined by two of the cast members of the show, Al Madrigal and Andrew Santino and the interview was all about laughter!

Dressed in a brown jacket and light grey pants, we first see Jim as James Corden announces the guests of the show. A door opens and we see Jim with a blow up doll that makes the audience laugh especial when they joke about the First Lady by calling the doll "Melania".

We found out how James met Jim for the first time and Carrey lets the audience know that it was in the Whole Foods store:"(…) I was trying to hide, I was incognito, I had a hat and some glasses and I walked into Whole Foods and just heard "JIM CARREY!" and he came running at me like a puppy that has just been released from the pond…. Oh My God! I can't believe it I'm see you!"

The whole audience laugh, especially the host himself! He then asks about memorable stories from the stand-up comedy days at to what Jim replied that he one took an hostile audience for 2 hours.

They share some jokes including Al Madrigal showing how he used to fire people for a job. When he use Corden as an example by saying they will bring back Craig Ferguson, Carrey ends up having to perform CPR on the host… all for a good laugh.

After the break, a small talk about the new kids toy choice "fidget spinner", shows us a glimpse of Jim's facial expressions and while talking about apps that prevent you for using your phone too much, Jim laughs and says: "I have cuffs to keep my hands of myself!", which makes people laugh even more.

Finally, they talk about the show and about the character they play. "(…) I have wanted to make a drama about comedy for a long time because it's really, it is a dramatic situation. There are a lot of desperate characters and a lot of love and a lot of companionship but also, it's do or die, life and death for comics. I was fortunate enough to met the brilliant producer Michael Aguilar and David Flebotte who runs the show and they brought it to life and they deserve most of the credit because they did an absolute beautiful job as well as the cast (…)."

Jim introduces a clip of the show, that gives a hint on how comedians used to mess with each other backstage.

After the commercial break we see them all staring at a fidget spinner… After a questionary by one of the members of the band that Jim responded perfectly, we see a stand-up comedy moment with Erik Griffin who's also a cast member of the show.

We are very happy to see Jim Carrey again and this show is looking better by the clip!

We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come.

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