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Jim Carrey Poland Fan Sightings
23 Dec 2015    

By Eva Ara˙jo (Web correspondent)

As we know, it's not easy to meet our favorite actor. Mainly because it is rare to know or have an "official" event to go to. But sometimes... you get really lucky.

Jim Carrey stayed in Krakow, Poland for a month filming the movie "True Crimes", and some lucky fans have got a chance to met him in person:

Jim Carrey

Natalia Banek has been a JCO Forum member since 2008 and she was kind enough to let Tommy, our editor-in-chief, know how it was to meet Jim:
"It was a great pleasure to meet Jim. After long days of waiting I finally "caught" him. It was like a miracle, in fact. And what I can say about him is he is a very warm man. His voice was so kind! I haven't even thought that he can be like that... He was also so calm. Didn't hurry us up or something. Gave us as much time as we needed. And he was still repeating: "Thank you very much". That was so kind and lovely! I fell in love with him again, however it sounds."

We are so happy for you Natalia! When asked how she met him, she replied:
"Yes, I was waiting for few days around the places where they were taking shoots. One day I met Jim's manager and asked him if Jim can give us a little time. I showed him my notebook with Jim's photos that I've been collecting since childhood. He said that he'll see what he can do. And after few hours Jim's car opened for us. :) It was my dream since I was 7 years old."

It's stories like this that make you blow up with pride!

But she wasn't the only one who met Jim Carrey. Many polish fans did and most of them took to Instagram to share their story. One of them is Michal Rusin who owns a hamburger shop and got to make Jim a hamburger.

"I love your burger, its piece of art, sir." said Jim.
Michal who grew up watching his movies was very excited that he ate his burger and he really liked it:
"First, he asked what he had to offer, asked for medium meat. Then I wondered how do they differ from the Belgian fries French fries. Then he praised our sauce Chili Mayo. All topped with a decent dose of humor. After eating came up to me and thanked for the two-way; manly handshake and sincere great comment :) Ohh dear Lord-I thought :)
Somebody pinch me, it was a brilliant experience :)"

Jim Carrey

We just highlight these two fan sightings but if you have met Jim and want to share your story, please let us know how it was to meet him. We appreciate it and really love to hear from you. We also want to thank all fans for sharing their stories.

We at JCO are proudly keeping you updated as more fan sightings happen!

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