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MTV Movie Awards 1998
By M.T. Moura

This year and as usual, Jim Carrey remained the undefeated holder of MTV's Best Comedic Performance award. The trophy is one of the categories of the MTV Movie Awards, which also reward, among others, such unconventional but essential aspects of filmmaking like Best Kiss and Best Fight.

The 1998 MTV Movie Awards were taped on May 30th at the Barker hangar in Santa Monica and aired on MTV June 4th. Samuel Jackson hosted the event, which was produced by Joel Gallen of Tenth Planet Productions and directed by Bruce Gowers.

Jim Carrey's nuclear-powered performance in Universal's "Liar Liar", as a prevaricator attorney who suddenly finds himself unable to say anything but the cruel truth, made him this year's favorite over such worthy opponents as Rupert Everett in "My Best Friend's Wedding", Mike Myers in "Austin Powers: Internatinal Man Of Mystery", Adam Sandler in "The Wedding Singer"and Will Smith in "Men In Black".

This was the fourth consecutive year that Jim Carrey won in the category, having also accumulated a Best Male Performance and Best Kiss titles, respectively, in the 1996 and 1995 editions of the event. The other comedic-winning performances were, "The Cable Guy" in 1997, "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" in 1996 and "Dumb And Dumber" in 1995.

Jim Carrey, faithful to his "Liar Liar" character, delivered a hilariously subversive acceptance speech, starting by greeting the rest of the nominees in the category with the comment that "They are unbelievable talents, and want what I've got so bad they can taste it!"

Carrey also expressed his gratitude to the managing team, "who are wonderful, the best in what they do in every category, and should thank their lucky stars they ever met me!!"

He then proceeded to thank the fans, "who have always supported my comedies, but don't quite know what to think of me in drama." This was a clear reference to the speculation regarding what would be the fans reaction to his change of pace in the drama-dy "The Truman Show", directed by Peter Weir, which opened June 5th.

Lastly, he thanked the MTV Awards producer with the remark that "it's a tremendous honor... and a business," concluding however that "It's a business and an honor, but I'm grateful. I am grateful."

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